Astrology.... Listening to the Stars

Learn how the movement and symphony of the universe speaks to you

Would you like to know how the stars and their archetypes speak to you?


Birth chart readings and transit predictions can help in many ways:

  • Receive clarity during times of transition
  • Gain answers to deeper questions pertaining to your life journey 
  • Unlock insight and awareness of life’s uncertainties 
  • Develop an understanding of how to go forward on your life path
  • Find your life purpose and what is holding you back from your greatest potential


Get Your Birth Chart Reading


60 Minutes: Recommend Donation of $80

Explore your birth chart, ask specific questions about your life path, and get a detailed forecast of the major transits currently affecting you, as well as those to come in the next several years.

Recommended for clients who are experiencing a major life change.


Crab Card: $25

Order your Astro Card- $15

Order your custom designed unique hand painted Birth Chart or Zodiac sign card.

Each card is tailored made for your specific sign and birthdate.


Julia Lorehn lives with the dedication to keep the arts alive and to spread a little happiness around.

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